“Life is tough……it’s even tougher if  you’re stupid.”     —-John Wayne

Disclaimer:  I use too many commas and parentheses, make up words when I deem necessary, and have a penchant for dots, dashes, and run-on sentences (among other moving violations).   I also tend to be a bit long-winded, but it seems to run in the family so it’s probably genetic and I can’t help it. If any of these are known to cause hives,  light-headedness, loud outbursts, or any other unpleasant reactions—just click out of here!!    Still here, huh?  The other thing about most of this schtuff is that what isn’t totally true is based on actual events……as I know ‘em……or at least think of ‘em……whatever.

If you stick with me here, I’ll be dropping some of my personal definitions on y’all…..you know we all have ‘em.  I’d be interested to hear any of yours and what y’all think about mine.  So, without further ado……….

Normal………I can tell you this one thing for sure:  Whatever “normal” is, it is most likely much better than the buildup……the problem is that in reality, very few people ever experience it up close and personal, so they rarely recognize it in time to fully appreciate those warm and fuzzy feelings before the ghost of a memory takes its place.  I consider myself to be a relatively observant individual, and yet I’ve only caught a fleeting glimpse of this “normal” once or twice in my lifetime.  While some people might say out-loud what a total  bore living such an existence would be, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that deep down inside, most of ‘em would gladly trade their lots in life for a regular little slice of it.  I know I sure would.  Of course then you’d have to get into all of the knotty specifications and requirements that need to be met in order for any circumstance to qualify (or “fit in” as the case may be), and the act of coordinating everything so that the cheese comes out even with the crackers can become quite the challenge, if not a total bitch.   Welcome to my world.

That said, show me a person who says he’s happy, knows fully how to operate his remote control and has a healthy feng-shui  plant in his living room, and I’ll guarantee you that in spite of this effort to appear cool and cutting edge and normal, he’s just as screwed up as everybody else, has probably availed himself of the techno-expertise of the nearest neighborhood twelve-year-old, and buys a few new pieces of bamboo every month or two. Now that’s boring, if not a little strange, and quite frankly I don’t see anything the least bit normal about it.    So, there’s your normal in a nut shell, all nice and tidy-like.

Now it is time for me to get back to work trying to figure out how to avail myself of all the “easy to use” features of this blog world, and how the rest of you folks make your blogs look so good and functional.  (groan) I wonder if that’s really normal……..now, where the heck is that twelve-year-old?

Happy Monday, everybody!